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Feng Shui?

What Is Feng Shui?. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of harnessing the natural forces of nature to promote prosperity, harmony, vitality and constructive changes in our lives.

"Feng Shui is about achieving life-fulfilment by benefiting from the energies of our living environment.In Oriental countries, Feng Shui practitioners have strived to manipulate the metaphysical forces of nature known as 'Qi' to enhance their career, relationships, health, and business success.


Over the last ten years before the turn of the century, Feng Shui practice has gained increasing recognition in the Western World as the benefits of practising this art have been self-revelatory and unchallenged. With such a booming interest in Feng Shui, undoubtedly many people are easily confused or misled by the intricate principles and numerous schools of Feng Shui practice.

The world today is filled with self-proclaimed Feng Shui practitioners who profess greatness but fail to deliver. Within this environment, finding an authentic Master or teacher who can truly offer the traditional and authentic form of Chinese Feng Shui can prove to be extremely difficult for the average layman.

It has been said that the technology of an advanced culture will be viewed as magic by that of a less technologically advanced civilization.

Feng Shui has unfortunately suffered the same fate; its practices and teachings are muddled in the mires of superstitions and folklores. There is a need to correct this biased view placed upon this practice. Classical FENG SHUI is a form of metaphysical science that can almost be fully explained by logic and by sound principles. The roots of this science can be traced to the Yi Jing (the Book of Changes).

Modern lifestyles have twisted our peaceful existence into one of chaos and extremes. Feng Shui adopts the principles of balance (Yin and Yang) to correct these flaws. Humans have for centuries lived intertwined with the flow of nature; Feng Shui is based on this. Present dwellings, however, have relegated these principles, creating disharmony, with disastrous consequences for the occupants.

Undeniably, certain aspects of our lives seem to be controlled by external forces not fully understandable to the layman. The earth's gravity, electromagnetic fields, directional influence and its surrounding constellations all place some form of emphasis on our actions. FENG SHUI enables us to understand these aspects of our living environment and allows us to tap or tune into our natural beneficial cycle or position, thereby enabling us to be in tune with our environment rather than against it. By doing so, we can perform better, see and seize opportunities as they arise, and function optimally in all aspects of our lives.

Feng Shui, originally known as 'Kan Yu', is about living in harmony with nature. By living in harmony, we are able to harness the beneficial energies (known as Qi) to better our lives.


Many genuine advocates of Feng Shui practise either only 8-Mansions (Ba Zhai) OR the Xuan Kong Flying Stars (San Yuan) school of Feng Shui, in conjunction with inspecting the forms of the site (San He). Some practise all three systems simultaneously! Genuine Feng Shui practitioners should be able to tell events that have occurred in a house just by their Feng Shui analysis of the property. A skillful practitioner should be able to pinpoint certain events that previously occurred and are presently happening, and even future events.


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