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Understanding Qi?

Understanding Qi?. Qi (pronounced as 'chee' ) – or life force energy, cannot be seen or heard. However, it’s influence can be felt around us and in all places.

"It is the invisible force that shapes, nurtures and governs all living beings. From the peak of the highest mountains to the depth of the deepest oceans, the flow of the rivers to the undulating ridges of the land, and from busy malls to the quaint little corners of the street - Qi permeates our world. Qi is the force that brings life to all beings."


"Qi is dispersed by the Wind and gathers by the boundaries of Water."

How to harness Qi in our environment is the main concern of Classical Feng Shui practice. To achieve this, certain techniques of assessing our living environment are employed. Feng Shui is in fact, a study of Qi in our living environment and how it affects the residents.

Why do need to understand what Qi is?

Because Qi is the heart and core of Feng Shui. We need to understand the 'nature' of what we are studying in order to manage the multitudes of formulas and situations arising in our Feng Shui assessments. To assess Qi in different situations, we use different Feng Shui formulas.

There are three levels of Qi – Heaven, Earth and Man Qi. Heaven Qi represents the energy of the cosmos or the universe. These energies are uncontrollable by Man. Some people like to refer to this as an act of heaven or heaven’s will.

The interaction between these three levels of Qi governs and shapes our destiny.

Different Feng Shui disciplines or systems share the same belief and they all recognize the existence of the intrinsic harmony between these three levels of Qi. In places where this harmony is violated or broken, Feng Shui practitioners then seek it's source (using techniques belonging to his/her lineage or school) to identify and implement corrective measures so that this harmony is re-established.


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